KinoKlub at The Scotland-Russia Forum: Ladislas Starevich plus Longbird

Continuing our Institute theme after our last screening at L’Institute Francais, KinoKlub returns with a mini-retrospective of the amazing stop-motion films of Ladislas Starevich (whose name has undergone various spellings) in the (tiny) Scotland-Russia Forum. As an extra special treat, we are also screening The Making of Longbird, a recent short film by Will Anderson which documents the ressurection of a Russian animated character of the same name. KinoKlub is delighted that Anderson, and perhaps Longbird, will be present at the screening for an informal Q&A.

Ladislas Starevich (known as The Insect Man) is a Russian-born early master of stop-motion animation, who was famous for using real animated insects as his main protagonists. A great example of this is The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912) about a marital dispute between a grasshopper, a beetle and a dragonfly. Another famous work by Starevich is The Mascot (1934), a charming tale of a toy dog that goes on a great journey to find an orange for the little girl who owns it. Long overdue a renaissance, the work of Starevich will continue to delight a modern audience. Both these films are included in the KinoKlub programme.

Entry to the event will be subject to a £2 donation, and there will be a donation bar with Russian beer (and perhaps vodka) available. BE WARNED: this space is small and capacity is therefore limited so please turn up early in order to not be disappointed!Image