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KinoKlub presents: Les Yeux Sans Visage + Le Sang Des Betes

KinoKlub, Edinburgh’s surreal film collective, is proud to present Georges Franju’s surreal horror masterpiece Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without A Face), screening in the environs of Summerhall’s Victorian anatomy theatre.  Made in 1960, Franju’s tale of a celebrated plastic surgeon attempting to find a new face to transplant onto that of his own daughter’s disfigured features, still has the power to shock today.  The feature will be preceeded by a short documentary film by Franju entitled Le Sang Des Betes (Song of the Beasts), documenting the slaughter of animals in a Paris abbatoir.

Please note Le Sang Des Betes contains real images of animal death which may distress some audiences.

25 August 2012, 22:15 (1 hour 40 mins)


About KinoKlub

KinoKlub is a surreal film collective formed by Malgorzata Bugaj and Morvern Cunningham. We committed to showcasing some of the best in surreal film (with an emphasis on animation) from all eras and around the globe on a regular basis. Our screenings are unique, one-off events which explore different spaces around Edinburgh. We seek diverse collaboration with various film-related organizations.

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