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KinoKlub presents The American Underground at Hidden Door Festival

          KinoKlub descends into the Cinema vault at Hidden Door on 2nd April to bring you a selection of underground and avant-garde films from the USA for your enjoyment.

Hidden Door is FREE during the day so from 2.30pm – 5pm we will be showcasing the experimental work by a series of pioneering American filmmakers from the dawn of the avant-garde.

For our main evening screening at 7.30pm, we’ll be showcasing some of the most iconic work by auteur Kenneth Anger, king of the American underground and one of the most influential independent filmmakers in cinema history. His films variously merge surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult, and have been described as containing “elements of erotica, documentary, psychodrama, and spectacle.”

KinoKlub DJ Baron will be on hand to get you in the mood from 7pm, with a DJ set plus American underground visuals after the screening to end your avant-garde evening with us.

For more info on the rest of Hidden Door, check out the blog:


About KinoKlub

KinoKlub is a surreal film collective formed by Malgorzata Bugaj and Morvern Cunningham. We committed to showcasing some of the best in surreal film (with an emphasis on animation) from all eras and around the globe on a regular basis. Our screenings are unique, one-off events which explore different spaces around Edinburgh. We seek diverse collaboration with various film-related organizations.

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